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Question: Can You Explain What Mouth Alcohol is in Wisconsin?

Answer: Residual mouth alcohol is the leftovers in your mouth after you've been drinking. There are certain things that can get rid of residual mouth alcohol, and that is a 20-minute observation period. In Wisconsin, it's deemed to be sufficient to rid the mouth of any leftover alcohol. If there is residual mouth alcohol, that can artificially inflate your breath test result on the breath machine. Additionally, in Wisconsin, we have what's called the ECIR2 from Intoximeters; that's our breath test machine. And in Wisconsin we turn off the slope detector, which is the mechanism by which they can determine whether or not there is residual mouth alcohol. So if you are burping, you have GERD—that's gastroesophogeal reflux disorder—you had tobacco in your mouth, things like that, you could easily have residual mouth alcohol which can inflate your breath test result.

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