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Beating an OWI Charge in Wisconsin

If you are currently facing an operating while intoxicated (OWI) charge in Wisconsin, it’s important for you to read this: being arrested for a crime does not mean you will automatically be convicted. OWI is a complicated field of law, involving science and medicine. Because of this, successfully beating an OWI charge is possible if you have the right defense lawyer on your side.

Preparing an Effective Defense Strategy

When you work with an experienced OWI defense attorney, you have the benefit of years of experience and training on your side. Rather than relying on the police report, an OWI lawyer will investigate the facts in your case for him or herself to uncover information that can be used to challenge the evidence against you. This may include interviewing any eyewitnesses, requesting access to the breathalyzer machine’s maintenance and calibration logbooks, or reviewing video evidence from the patrol car’s dashboard camera.

The most common defense strategies in an OWI case involve challenging the legality of the traffic stop and/or arrest as well as the blood alcohol content (BAC) results. If the arresting officer lacked probable cause to pull you over, any evidence obtained during the stop—and even the arrest itself—may be thrown out and your charges could be dismissed.

Often, the cornerstone of the prosecution’s case is the result of your BAC test. Because prosecutors are unable to dedicate their entire career to understanding the complexities of these tests, OWI defense attorneys come to the table knowing much more about the limitations and shortcomings of the breathalyzer machine or blood test. If your attorney can show that your results were inaccurate due to an improperly calibrated breathalyzer unit or medical condition, this can go a long way in establishing reasonable doubt.

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