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Tracey Wood is a widely respected resource for criminal and OWI-related defense. As an author and attorney, her work is frequently cited by other defense attorneys, prosecutors, and even judges.

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Wisconsin OWI Attorney Fees

Often, the decision on whether or not to hire an attorney after a Wisconsin operating while intoxicated (OWI) arrest hinges on one matter: the cost. While retaining legal counsel is by no means cheap, the fact is that pleading guilty or working with an inexperienced attorney could result in far greater costs to your livelihood and freedom. For this reason, retaining a seasoned Wisconsin OWI defense lawyer could be seen as a worthwhile investment in your future.

How Attorney Costs Are Determined

The costs associated with hiring legal representation depend on a number of things, most important of which is the attorney him or herself. While some OWI defense attorneys are dedicated to careful investigation and preparation, there are other attorneys who take on large case volumes, allowing them to charge cheaper fees. However, the large-volume attorneys may lack the time to provide personalized representation and could encourage you to plead guilty—something you could do on your own (and for much less).

On a case by case basis, your attorney costs could vary based on the complexity of your situation. For example, do you have prior OWIs on your record? Were you involved in an accident? This could entail more behind-the-scenes work on behalf of your lawyer and may be factored into your overall fees.

Tracey Wood & Associates Attorney Fees

At Tracey Wood & Associates, we pride ourselves on focusing  on OWI defense, which gives us the insight to offer flat fees for our legal counsel. What does this mean for you? It means you know up front exactly how much it will cost to fight your OWI charge with no unexpected surprises when the bill arrives. For your convenience, we also offer flexible payment plans to accommodate your situation.

Although there are cheaper attorneys around, many of them lack the skill and training necessary to defend an offense as complicated as drunk driving. Our fees are in line with our years of proven results and reputation in the Wisconsin legal system.

Selecting an attorney is a daunting task. To make it easier, we offer no-obligation case evaluations for those charged with OWI. Simply complete our online form today to make an appointment for your consultation.

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