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Tracey Wood is a widely respected resource for criminal and OWI-related defense. As an author and attorney, her work is frequently cited by other defense attorneys, prosecutors, and even judges.

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Wisconsin OWI Lawyer Tracey Wood

Attorney Tracey Wood is well known throughout the Wisconsin legal community for her knowledge and success in the field of operating while intoxicated (OWI) offense. In addition to representing clients who have been accused of drinking and driving, Attorney Wood has written a number of publications on the topic and is a frequent speaker at legal conferences across the nation.

Background and Credentials

A true Wisconsin native, Attorney Wood earned her undergraduate degree from Marquette University and her law degree from the University of Wisconsin. From the beginning of her legal career, Attorney Wood dedicated herself to defending OWI cases—allowing her to gain valuable experience and insights that are used to help her clients.

Attorney Wood is the first Wisconsin attorney to serve on the Board of Regents for the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD), appointed to the Amicus Committee, held at Harvard Law School. NCDD is an organization devoted to furthering education for attorneys in this field of law. She is also a frequent speaker at educational symposiums sponsored by the NCDD and other criminal defense organizations. Her other professional memberships include the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (of which she served as President) and the Wisconsin State Bar.

The author of several articles regarding drunk driving, including “Challenging Prior under the Influence Convictions,” Attorney Wood is a contributing author of “Drunk Driving Defense,” by Lawrence Taylor and Stephen Oberman. This definitive guide to defending OWI cases is widely referenced by other attorneys looking to gain insights on the most effective defense strategies.

Because of her achievements in OWI defense, Attorney Wood has been named a Wisconsin SuperLawyer seven years in a row, and was even named to that Organization’s Top Female Criminal Defense/DUI Defense Attorney list. She was singled out for a profile in Milwaukee and Madison Magazines for her criminal, appellate, and drunk driving defense work.  She has also been listed as one of Madison’s Best Criminal Defense Lawyers—an honor decided by a survey of her peers—several times.

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When you’re looking for an attorney to defend your OWI charges, it’s important to find a lawyer with proven results. Attorney Wood has successfully represented a number of clients and secured favorable outcomes either at trial or through a carefully negotiated plea deal.

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