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Question: Does Knowing the Judge's Tendencies and Propensities Matter for an OWI Case in Wisconsin?

Answer: It is imperative to know your judge in any state, I imagine. If you have a judge that is more “law and order,” you need to tailor your defense to know that particular judge. I myself love the judges who love the law. So those judges that like to have full briefings, meaning written documents about every facet of every argument we're making about bad police procedure, unconstitutional violations, things like that; those are the best judges because we can actually explain everything ahead of time for that court. Other judges like to do things very quickly and will send the case on the calendar within a 60-day period. So we need to know whether or not we've got a judge that has what we call a rocket docket or one that will stretch out a case for a while. And your defense will depend, oftentimes, on who your judge is.

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