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Question: What Are Some of the Repercussions Later in Life from a Conviction for a Wisconsin OWI?

Answer: In Wisconsin a first offense is non-criminal, so most people think that a first offense won't hurt your record. However, people can look on what's called CCAP, that's Wisconsin's Circuit Court Access Program, to see that you had a drunk driving. A drunk driving will stay on your record for a lifetime here in Wisconsin. So anybody is able to look up a driving record and see if one was ever had. Moreover, there are immigration consequences if you were not born here; there are job consequences. Employers deciding between someone with an OWI and someone without an OWI, usually the person without any kind of record is going to get the job. It can also affect applications to medical school, law school, pilot's license. There are innumerable consequences from having an OWI, so it's in your best interest to try and get a lawyer to get something less than a drunk driving if you do get charged with a drunk driving.

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