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Tracey Wood is a widely respected resource for criminal and OWI-related defense. As an author and attorney, her work is frequently cited by other defense attorneys, prosecutors, and even judges.

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Question: Why Would Somebody Need an Expert Witness in a Wisconsin OWI Case?

Answer: There are many times when we recommend expert witnesses. Some of those are when we’re trying to show that the breath or blood test result is inaccurate due to problems with the machines, with the testing protocols, or if someone was actually lower at the time of driving than at the time they took the test. Additionally, if you have gastroesophogeal reflux disorder, otherwise known as GERD or acid reflux, an expert can explain how that can artificially raise the breath test result. If a person has other medical issues that can artificially inflate their breath or blood alcohol content, an expert is very helpful in those circumstances. We oftentimes will hire experts who help explain to a jury, if a case is going to trial, why a breath or blood test result is overstated or just plain wrong.

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